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Immunogenicity ELISA (Anti Drug Antibody, ADA)

During drug development the main question beside effectiveness is, if the drug induces antibody formation, which may exclude repeated or long-term treatment. Therefore test systems are needed to document or exclude these undesirable immunological side effects.
Requirements for the development of an ELISA:
-  Masking of potential epitopes due to conjugate synthesis. At least two different types of conjugates are
-  The assay should be species-independent for the use in humans as well as in laboratory animals.
-  Positive antibody results should be confirmed by the addition of the drug to exclude a non-specifity in the test

Means to increase sensitivity

  • An improvement of the assay sensitivity is achieved by the use of a mix of two types of conjugate linking sites: N-terminal via cysteine and C-terminal via lysine,
  • The use of optimal test conditions (time, temperature, buffer)

Principle of a HS sandwich ELISA

Test characteristics

  • Variation of calibration parameters of the 4 parameters logistic (4PL) fit
  • >li>Accuracy and precision results of standards and QC samples
  • Positive and negative controls
  • Cut point factor (CPF) determination
  • Analyte stability
  • Cross reactivity, plate and conjugate interferences
  • Confirmation assay

Optional established methods supporting an HS ELISA development

  • Assay development, validation, documentation and test kit production
  • Technologietransfer und Anpassung des Tests an das Kundenlabor inklusive Training des Laborpersonals.
  • Technology transfer and adaptation at a customer lab including training of the responsible persons