ELISA-Entwicklung GmbH & Co. KG

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     Range of Services
     Assay Development
     Assay Validation
     Sample Measurement
     Protein Purification
     Antibody Production
     Anti Drug Antibody, ADA



We offer

Development of enzyme immune tests (EIA,ELISA) for proteins and other chemical compounds e.g. environmental markers, health markers, hormones and other blood proteins in humans, laboratory animals, domestic animals and in cell culture media.

Measurement of samples for a range of biological parameters.

Expertises and specific advice on immune test procedures and laboratory equipment.

Assessment of enzyme immune tests.


Establishment of test procedures.

Technical and functional advice on ELISA-equipment (e.g. Reader, Software, Washer).


We guarantee

Competent technical and scientific advice based on many years of experience in leading endocrine research laboratories

more than 20-years of experience in protein purification, development of immunological assay procedures, testcharacterisation and validation.

Performance of state-of-the-art services in accordance with the customer's specifications.